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Purdy Bird is a fun quilt pattern that comes together quickly despite the fact that it is a mixed bag of quilting techniques. Drunkard’s path and paper pieced blocks are accented with easy applique shapes that are like the icing on a cake. All required cutting templates are provided, as well as a coloring page, to help you make your own custom Purdy Bird quilt.
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Finished Quilt Size: Approximately 56" x 56".


This 34-page instant downloadable digital pattern includes:

  • Detailed instructions and illustrations for piecing and quilt assembly
  • Yardage requirements chart
  • Background cutting chart
  • A brief explanation of the starch applique method
  • Paper piecing and appliqué templates needed for the quilt pattern
  • A coloring page to help you with color and fabric placement
  • Links for favorite appliqué tips/techniques


  • Freezer Paper*
  • Spray Starch* for starch appliqué
  • Applique glue (washable)
  • Mini-iron* (for starch applique, if desired)
  • Coarse-bristle paintbrush
  • Invisible Thread
  • Ashtray or small bowl
  • Light Box (if available)
  • Appliqué Templates, provided
  • Printer / Paper

*Preferred appliqué method determines supplies needed.

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For questions or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Share your creations under the #flyhighdragonflyquilt hashtag, and be sure to tag me at @campbell_soup_diary

Purdy Bird PDF Pattern

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