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Thank you for your interest in either taking, or hosting a class with me. My classes are mainly focused on incorporating various types of applique techniques into quilting projects. I offer classes in both English OR German.


Classes are set up as a two-day or weekend course, and can be structured as either two, single-day topics, OR for teaching a specific pattern. Projects can be specifically tailored to the class participants interest.


For questions or additional information email me at



Course Name: Zig-Zag Is A Thing Of The Past: Intro

To Starch Applique


Description: Starch appliqué is an appliqué method that

uses a freezerpaper template and spray starch to create

a finished edge appliqué. The template is then removed

before stitching, and can be finished either by hand or

machine with a straight or blind stitch instead of a

traditional zig-zag stitch.


Level: Intermediate

Techniques: starch applique

Number of Participants: 10 - 15

Class Language:  English or German


Course Name: Combining Simple Piecing & Pieced Blocks

with the Reverse Applique Method


Description: There are more ways than one to get to the

same end result,and reverse applique can also be an

alternative to sewing curves! Not only that, but combined

with simple piecing techniques, or even piecedblocks, can

add even more interest to a project.


Reverse applique is an exciting sewing technique in which

the applique shape is cut from a top layer of fabric, and

the raw edges are turned under and finished to reveal a

layer of fabric underneath. Don’t throw those fabric

cut-outs just yet! I’ll also share with you some creative

projects to make with those leftover snippits – every good

quilter loves to put all those little scraps to use!


This method uses the spray starch applique method and is finished

by a straight or invisible stitch - which means NO raw edges and NO

hand sewing! After this course, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to

finish projects faster, simply by using the reverse applique technique.


Level: Intermediate

Techniques: reverse applique, block piecing, paper piecing

Number of Participants: 10 - 15

Class Language:  English or German



Course Name: Combining Felt Applique With Quilting Projects

Description: Adding felt applique can be a fun way to add

interest and texture to a quilting project... or even mixed

medium projects. Learn how to create your own felt

appliqué shapes inspired by your favorite fabric designs.

Delicate and filigree cut out shapes can be achieved and

highlighted with fun quilting fabrics using a reverse

applique technique for that extra added surprise detail.

Decorative stitching ideas, tips for securing the applique

shapes in place, and machine settings for stitching

round out the course.


Choose the medium you would like to work with: create a pillow for a

quilting project, customize a Kraft paper journal, OR design your own

project with Kraft-Tex, a fabric paper.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Techniques: Felt Applique/Reverse Applique, quilting & paper projects.

Number of Participants: 10 - 15

Class Language:  English or German





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